Mens Outfits for Summer

The days of driving to the local mall and grabbing whatever is in style are over. It just doesn’t get any better than this anymore. Men’s clothing stores have become some of the most popular destinations for consumers seeking out a good deal on casual, weekend or even occasional wear. When winter arrives and that huge sweater comes in handy, it seems the only place to find it is in the store. That is why the selection offered at these shops has become so valuable. With the combination of trendy looks and affordability, these outfits make a great choice for every season of the year.

The classic look is always in fashion. Whether you opt for a button down shirt over a dress, or some athletic wear for the gym, the basic look is always welcome. The most common choice for this look is a simple cotton or polyester polo shirt with a comfortable but rugged neckline. The versatility of this look makes it practical as well as fashionable. You can easily switch it up with a pair of slacks or a jacket for a more dressed up look. A plain, white cotton or polyester blazer can also be worn with a sports jacket for a more dressed down look.

One of the best things about the polo shirt is that it is easy to team with a variety of casual and summertime apparel. For instance, you can look terrific with a button down shirt paired with a pair of shorts or a cotton tee for a more summery look. You could also pair a polo shirt with a khaki skirt or a summer jersey for a more dressed up look. Pairing mens dress shirt with a pair of khakis or a nice leather belt completes the casual attire.

While there are limitless possibilities when it comes to casual wear, a traditional pair of dress pants is always a great choice. Pair a white linen pair of dress pants with a brown blazer for a classic summer look. You can use the brown blazer to dress it down by wearing a button down shirt over it with a thin jacket. A linen shirt or wool pea jacket is also an ideal match.

The right patterned or colored scarf can also help to create the perfect look for any men’s wardrobe. A stylish, avant-garde square scarf in a color that coordinates with your clothing can pull off a killer look this summer. A light blue, red, or yellow scarf can also be a stylish accessory for any men’s summer outfit. Consider pairing it with a shawl or a light-colored blazer for a look that is unique.

Another important accessory for this summer is a good pair of shoes. It’s a no-brainer if you want to look your best on a hot summer day. Choose a comfortable pair of dress shoes that go with your overalls and other casual clothes you have in your closet. Don’t forget to think about the other items you’ll be wearing with your shoes. If you’re planning to wear a suit, make sure that your shoes go well with your shirt and tie.

For those who are planning to work in the office on a regular basis, a smart pair of trousers can be a great men’s wardrobe essential. If you’re working in a business casual outfit, jeans are a great choice. They work great with khakis or a dress shirt and a blazer, but you can also choose them with a turtleneck sweater in a solid color to keep you warm on a cool winter morning. For the more formal look, you might consider men’s dress pants in a dark hue to go well with your overalls.

For a very sophisticated look, opt for men’s suits in a neutral, but still classy color. For instance, if you are going to a club, you can dress up a simple, but still sharp-looking suit with a colorful, patterned shirt. You can even change out the shirt to a longer, darker one for a more formal occasion. A nice pair of dress pants in a darker color can also be worn with a blazer in a solid color if you’re attending a job interview. This can also be applied to men’s dresses. Wear a great-looking shirt, a nice suit, and a nice pair of slacks and you have an instant classic look that will never fail to impress.